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Compressor Talk

So you might be asking why we are talking about compressors today.  Well we have been running of a smaller 21 gallon air compressor, but it was pushing it to its limits.  It was time to upgrade.

About a week ago, our small compressor stopped compressing right in the middle of a custom screen printing job.  Here is the compressor we had – Central Pnuematic 21 Gallon Compressor 

Since I love taking things apart, I imediatly tore it apart to see if I could see what happend.  I found that one of the check valves had snapped in half.  Lukily I found the part on ebay for $15.00.  I ordered the parts and was able to fix the compressor.

It was time for a new compressor!!!!

Single Stage Compressor – We just purchased this 80 Gallon Husky compressor.  It is a single stage compressor but holds an impressive 80 gallons of air.  The 3 cylinders can fill the tank to 150psi in around 5 minutes.  While running our automatic press the compressor turns on for around 1 minut every 10 minutes.  This compressor supplies us with plenty of dry air to run our shop.
Two Stage Compressor – The main difference between single and two stage compressors is the number of times that air gets compressed between the inlet valve and the tool nozzle. In a single stage compressor, the air is compressed one time. In a two stage compressor, the air is compressed twice for double the pressure.  This can give you a pressure as high as 180psi.
Rotary Compressor – These compressors are the most expensive type of compressor, but with the increased price you get a lot of awesome features!  These compressors are much quieter that the piston type compressors.  The rotary compressors can supply more air at a more consistent pressure.